Dr Alvin Vo is a new-generation dentist who fuses rigorous scientific approach with a genuine passion for patient care. 

He holds both a Bachelor of Medical Science with Distinction and a Bachelor of Science with Honours Class 1 degrees from the University of New South Wales. After taking a year of research, he completed a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the University of Western Australia. This solid educational foundation, coupled with five years of professional practice and counting, has helped him quickly become a trusted dental practitioner in the community.

Career Journey and Philosophy

An early interest in the sciences shaped Dr Alvin’s decision to pursue dentistry. "I’ve always been drawn to the sciences. The analytical process involved in treating a patient suits my personality." His experience working for his father's jewellery business also fostered a natural inclination for detailed and precise work, which translated seamlessly into dentistry.

Dr Alvin grew up in Sydney, transferred to Perth for postgraduate studies, and eventually stayed for a job opportunity. Today, he is engaged in all aspects of dentistry at One Dental Rossmoyne and My Midland Dentist while expanding his scope to more complicated extractions and surgical procedures. His patients across the practices range from entire families with small children to retirees.

Dr Alvin’s approach to patient care is deeply personalised and empathetic. “I strive to treat each patient with the same care and attention as I would to my family.” 

He also makes it a point to recognise his patients' diverse backgrounds and life scenarios by “approaching every person as an individual to meet their needs rather than simply following my perceived idea of what they need. That helps me better treat them.” As such, he actively listens to his patients to have a clearer understanding of their unique circumstances, allowing him to advise on the best possible treatments while respecting their autonomy and fostering a more comforting clinic environment.

Patients referring Dr Alvin to their loved ones is proof of how he makes each patient feel valued and cared for as an individual. “I find it very rewarding to be able to look after someone who trusts me enough to see their friend, their family or their kids. It’s a great way to validate what I'm doing.” 

Professional Development and Community Engagement

Dr Alvin is not only dedicated to his clinical practice but also to professional learning. The more recent courses he has taken focus on surgery, root canal treatment and ceramic dentistry. Exchanging information and ideas with colleagues and seniors and “simply talking to people that have been in the field for 30-plus years and learning from their breadth of experience and knowledge is a way to stay on top of your discipline.” 

At the same time, he has been actively involved with the Tzu Chi International Medical Association in Perth as a dental volunteer since 2017. Through his commitment to giving back to the community through oral health education and dental care, he lives out the personal values instilled in him growing up that he now extends to his chosen profession: “Be kind, polite, caring and thoughtful of others.”

Outside of his work commitments, Dr Alvin leads a balanced life, engaging in mindfulness practices and reading books on a wide range of topics, from the sciences to fiction to the more philosophical. He also enjoys running and playing soccer to support his mental and physical well-being. Dr Alvin’s unwavering commitment to excellence in dental care, continuous professional development and enhancing the well-being of his patients define his growing reputation as a highly-skilled, caring dentist.